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Tania & Lee got married…at last!

They did it…they only went and did it at last.  If you know Tania or Lee you will know what I mean.

After 20 years as an item they are now man & wife.  Now, I have known Tania for a lot of those years, from her BLP days through to Fellowes, and in that time I feel I have got to know Lee, although I actually only met him a couple of weeks ago.  What a nice guy.

So, Swinton Park it was yesterday, and what a great day we had for weather. Obviously I planned it that way! The place is just amazing for photography companies to work their magic. The only thing I didn’t like is the name of the lake – ‘coffin lake’…what’s that all about?

Lots to get into a short space of time, but I think we did it okay…and I only managed that with Claire’s help with the shoot list – thanks Claire. Have a great holiday the two of you and I will catch up when you get back.


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