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Got to do one of my bucket list last year. Went to Stonehenge, and not just because I have always wanted to go, but…yes to do an actual shoot. Took Max my assistant (son), and we had a great time. I love history and that kind of stuff, but it really is an amazing place. Never been before and would deffo go again. I gathered some of the great experiences, which I feel are worth sharing with budding photographers during DSLR photography courses. Try to stay at the local travel lodge and go at a time to miss the traffic!

And word of advice, book your trip before you go. Go online and book a night visit like I did. You can of course visit and stay behind that little rope barrier, but book for the night visit as well and get in nice and close to the stones. Of course you are not alone, but I think the night hourly visits are only in groups of 20 people. Then the fun starts, get your picture and retouch the people out!!

You enter the site and go to the booths to go through the tunnel to go onto the actual site. Stay behind the rope barrier mind or you will be shot!! Kidding, but it is serious, don’t mess with the men in hi-viz vests.

Stonehenge as shot but with people retouched out

Stonehenge image by ady

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