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Hey its nice to get out and about….

Location photography is very different to studio photography as you are going to a location that you have to find, and is an uncontrollable environment where as studio is an environment that you have most of the control over and you bring things to photograph or you ask people to come to be photographed.

Location photography can also be classed as somewhere that isn’t necessarily outdoor but it can be inside but somewhere that isn’t your general studio that you use frequently and the same rules apply to inside location photography as outdoor photography apart from weather.

We pride ourselves on eye-catching images on location that can be tailor-made to suit your photographic project requirements. Whether for PR, advertising, promotional mailers, calendar, or the web, we can produce striking results using our state-of-the-art digital canon/phase one camera systems that can be instantly viewed to ensure we have the perfect image for you.

Each job has its own requirements and these are many and varied. It can include interiors and exteriors of buildings, factories, manufacturing, people at work or heavy industry. Location photography is challenging and exciting stuff and often yields some of the best results. Examples of this is our night time shots for Jarvis plc . The uses of our images are just as varied and include images for company reports, websites and exhibitions to images of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms in glossy magazines.

Perhaps you need portraits of your managers or even need us to set up a mobile studio to photograph large products on your premises.

Remember location photography could be me on my Sherborne brochure furniture shoot that I luckily do each year, it could be working on a possession doing night time shots for Network Rail, or just working in a factory for David Browns. We are versatile and we are the best…

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