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Business & Corporate promotional videos and editing services in West Yorkshire

Wherever you want to be, whatever the setting, we can be there to ensure that your product or service is captured in the best light (or darkness, should you prefer).

Our location filming expertise ensures that all technicalities are in hand and the time is spent doing what we came here for… shooting great images.

What is a corporate video?

We believe the nature of what a corporate video is, and what it’s supposed to achieve, is being re-defined through DVD and on the Web. Increasingly, the first chance for a business to introduce itself is via these formats.

In just a couple of minutes a corporate video can present your company and it’s services in a way that your best salesman can only dream about! Let the DVD be your company’s sales brochure – and watch your sales/profit increase because of it. The DVD can be part of the team!

> ‘here are our products and services’

> ‘this is how they work’

> ‘this is who you’ll be working with’

> ‘this is what our current customers think of us’

and much more. A product/service to sell – get a DVD promo made!

A showreel as the movie moguls will say.

Through the style of shooting and ‘look and feel’ of the edit the corporate video implicitly reflects the professionalism, creativity and fun of the company. With modern day technology the initial video can be quickly changed to suit other audiences. For example a sales promotion video can quickly be repurposed for staff induction, CRM, CSR or even health and safety DVD. It can be dubbed into any foreign language for use overseas, or sign language.

It can also be changed into alternative formats for web sites use etc; or for use on digital TV, webrom TV or at an exhibition. It can be updated in a day to show new products and services, new members of the team, or to accommodate legal changes.

With future changes in the pipeline (e.g. ‘Google Video’) a company’s requirement for a corporate video is quickly evolving: from a nice to have, to a must have necessary part of the overall marketing element of the company.

And this is the same for large or small comanpies. The need to cement future work is paramount for all business’s with a product or service to sell!

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