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afp images is a DVD/ video production company providing customised HD video and DVD production services to its corporate, business customers from its base in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Whether it is a training video, sales and marketing DVD, DVD video production or promo streaming video over the Internet,  afp images creates effective video production programmes that deliver the best and most effective message to your audience.

Each video production is custom-made and suited to the exacting needs of our customers. Our clients span the full busines spectrum from companies whose turn over is in excess £100 million to companies who want to increase their sales online who have a more modest turnover!

Our expertise lies in making it our business to understand your business.  
What makes an effective video? It is the right message presented in the right form that gets the right results.  To estae agents it’s location, location, location  –  in video/DVD production it’s the message, the message, the message…get the message hey?

The Video Production Process
At afp images, we begin the video production process by analyzing your message and critically identifying your audience. We want to make sure that you utilise the full impact and the full power of video. We consider ourselves visual communicators. A well-developed script is our starter for 10, and a camera is our weapon of choice that brings it all home. Give us a chance to create you, if not an award-winning masterpiece, then at least a DVD/video that generates the desired interest in your company and it’s products!

Increased sales! You win, we win…

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