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Photography training in Leeds

Do you have an undying love for photography? If yes, Adrian welcomes you wholeheartedly. We invite all the beginners who wish to learn DSLR photography and want to make it big in the world of photography, or even get a job…..making it big is a dream you all can have but I deal in reality…sorry! Come and chat about what you want to learn about.

Adrian Forrest takes all the classes and has been a professionals photographer for many years, working in all areas of advertising photography, studio to location. He can help and guide you in learning all the major and minor aspects of photography. Right from handling the camera, lenses, colour background choices, shooting modes, ISO, exposure, angle, focusing modes, white balance, file size and types, shutter priority and much more. All these aspects can be easily learnt once you decide to connect with our photography expert .


DSLR photography courses


If you want to learn about location photography then we will get out and about to what ever your main interests are and let you take some shots, and myself, compare  them and then do them again it at a different location. Now I would normally take my laptop to check the images and show you/client some further options for the shots you take. In video we do what is termed grading…that is to basically fine tune our finished video to what we want. Well in photography we use Adobe photoshop to fine tune or crop our images.

If the client is happy I will use photoshop as part of our training to show you some further possibilities for the images.

If studio photography is what you need to learn and you want a general idea then I would book a half day in the studio and show you various examples of shots and then proceed to recreate the images ourselves. Or in part dissect the image and try to recreate the same image, or hopefully make it your own. It is good to want to have an image like what you have seen in a magazine, but you need to make every image your own!

I have been working in a studio environment since 1984 when I first came to Leeds. From working for professional photographers, first as an assistant, then a junior photographer, then latterly as a photographer in my own right since 1991. I have had a lot of years to fine tune my skills and learn my trade. A massive part of photography is working on a computer, but luckily my trade was learned before digital came along, so I actually know how to create an image without having to resort to tricks…but lets be honest with each other; if I can take the image to stage 2 and make it outstanding as opposed to good….yes I use Adobe photoshop. Photoshop is what we all use, or something similar, like Lightroom, or Corel Photo. The best to use is down to each person themselves, but just as I know Canon cameras are the best (ha ha) Adobe is also the best.

Estate agency photography: I prefer smaller groups or one on ones as we can then achieve more in the given time. But one area of training, where there may be large groups, is estate agency photography! From 5 to 40 people, it does not matter. I am there to show you how to take better shots, not necessarily to become a better photographer! One thing I found with ‘Your Move’ estate agents was that some people are very interested in taking pictures, and some people go to work, and take pictures of interiors because that is there job! Those that are really interested will make better photographers, but all of them will learn techniques to take better pictures. The most asked question by estate agency photographers is what do I do when I am taking a picture and the sun is shining straight through the window? Well book me and I will show you what to do…or how do I use the flash thing? OMG…we should all know that but when a boss sticks the flash in your hands and says use that it will be better…how are you meant to know what to do? Answer, take a course with me.

And for estate agents we have the perfect training ground next door to the studio, my house…so I send you all in and then we can check the results. Good luck…

But I will cater each days training to suit my clients wishes. But the best this is when the client has something specific to learn about…that gets me into the nitty gritty! But please do not think it looks easy, because I remember as a junior photographer, or as an assistant, watching my boss and thinking I can do that! Only to find out I couldn’t.


The minimum training we do is 2 hours training for £100.00 including a biscuit and a cuppa, with no breaks ha ha; but unless you have money to waste please be very specific about what you want to learn!

A half day training is £200.00 including a break for a biscuit and a cuppa, and starting at 9.30am and finishing at 1.00pm. Or at a time to suit!

A full days training is £400.00 including a light lunch and starting at 9.30am and finishing at 4.30pm. Or at
a time to suit!


I conduct DSLR photography courses at affordable prices. So please call 0113 256 8000 and discuss what you need. And its not just for amateurs, sometimes I meet and work with professional photographers who are trying to expand on their skills set.

So everybody is welcome. And please bring paper, a pen, and of course a camera and not forgetting your flash cards. I can loan you a camera for a small hire charge if it is needed.

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