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Possibly the best studio in the world, that is ‘Studio Hire Leeds’


Whatever you need from your hire studio we have in this studio. If its photographic lights, like a ring flash, or extra tungsten lights we have them here. If you need microphones or an audio mixing desk we have it.


There is also an audio booth for those ‘voice over‘ recordings you need to do. From a green screen, black screen and a white screen, we have everything! In fact if we don’t have what you need for your shoot we will give you 10% off the total cost of your hire…..beat that. And studio hire for a day is only £140.00*


(*costs are exclusive of vat)



‘Studio Hire Leeds’ for only £140.00 (plus vat) per day


I have set out to make the rates for studio hire in Leeds affordable, realistic and achievable for both amateurs and professionals. Whether you are a professional videographer/photographer, or an amateur trying to gain experience, Studio Hire Leeds is the perfect studio space.

After 25 years being a professional photographer I know what is needed for a good studio space. But I did not just want a good studio space, I wanted a ‘great’ studio space to hire out. The reason is that if the studio space fulfils everybody’s requirements, more people will come back again, and again!

One thing that I have changed in the pricing policy is to make the hire space and facilities more customisable to each person/company hiring the space! What I mean by that is for each person/company are able to have the studio at a good price and use the facilities they need only. No point in paying for something that you won’t need to use is there?

So first thing to sort is your hire period, then the actual studio background you need; it may be that you want the studio as is, then great that is what you choose. Meaning you may want to bring your own background/green screen etc, however you can also choose one of our backgrounds. This saves you buying it, especially if it is a one off for you!

So look at the options and choose what works for you. No more packages as I used to do, just plain and straight forward, you want it, you don’t want it. Then pay the price it says, easy peasy hey!



NB. All prices shown are exclusive of vat at the standard rate of 20%.

There is no better equipped studio in Leeds to hire

We also have other equipment that you may deem necessary, but just make a note on your order and we can chat about:


  • Microphones – SM58, RODE, lapel,DSLR; each @ £20.00 per day
  • Green screen body suit @ £20.00 per day
  • 1.2m DSLR track/slider @ £20.00 per day
  • 6m of track and dolly@ £20.00 per day
  • Video tripods @ £20.00 per day
  • Small crane/jib @ £20.00 per day
  • Hedler tungsten lights – 3x for £20.00 per day (breakages/bulbs to pay for)
  • Neewer Dimmable Bi-color LED with U Bracket Professional Video Lights – 4x for £20.00 per day (breakages to pay for)
  • Boom arm stands (they get the light where a stand can’t go) @£15.00 per day
  • Photographic equipment: S35 sunspot, Elinchrom Ring Flash, Elinchrom zoom elipsoid  @ £25.00 each per day


The only studio to hire in Leeds, West Yorkshire. Why...because of the dope space, green screens, and the equipment - all there for you

We charge £70.00 (plus vat) for a half day studio hire with lights available; and we have a kitchen toilet and changing room

We Charge £140.00 (plus vat) for a full days studio hire; full drive in facility with an electric roller door

We have a Hague jib, 6m track & dolly, and 1.2m DSLR slider available for hire, as well as green screen and full studio blackout background

We have a multitude of microphones, lights, and cables to hire, as well as a soundbooth, mixing desk, and a Tascam for DSLR's and tripods

  • Kitchen & Cooker
  • Changing Room
  • Fast Wi-fi Access
  • Parking For Cars
  • Soundbooth
  • Microphones
  • Tungsten/Daylight Lights
hire photography studio
  • You get a studio set up with 8 Elinchrom flash lights set up in the roof, firing from 2X 404 packs – so when you shoot there are no stands to get in your way
  • There are tungsten lights available – these are 2Ks, and there are 3 of them to light most subjects and backgrounds
  • There are plenty of stands and 2 boom arms to hire to get the lights in awkward places
  • Not forgetting the FOBA studio stand that is waiting for you to attach your camera to if required
photo studio leeds
    photography studio leeds

    And when you want a clean white are we rollout the white lino and voila…you have the white zone!! This is 7m x 3m in size, so plenty of space to shoot. And there are also rolls of white colorama we can get for you, or paint the area the colour of your choice. But you have to paint it back mind!

    photography studios leeds
    video studio hire

    Lighting and background services | Production – hotels, models, flights, castings | Photographers – assistants, models, stylists, hair & make-up

    Catering – breakfast, lunches (even brunches) | Video facilities – media room/editing suite available (to work in or relax) | Equipment set up services

    We have an experienced team to assist you at all times | Wi-Fi available / broadband…as if you could do without it | Phase One P21 digital back

    Apple 27″ imac or PC available | Elinchrom flash equipment – ready to shoot so to speak, and stands..lots of stands

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    • Photography studios leeds
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    • Photo studio leeds

    Adrian Forrest (AFP Images) is a well reputed and quality photography service based in Leeds. Adrian is passionate about photography and loves to undertake photography projects, irrespective of the nature of the subject –model or company’s product. He has been constantly raising the benchmark in corporate photography and video production. What is it that is required for a corporate photo session or video production? Of course, a camera is the most crucial of all.

    Will a camera serve the purpose alone? The answer is ‘no’. For corporate photography or any sort of professional video shoot, a proper set-up and the latest digital camera equipment is mandatory.

    At AFP we can provide a fully equipped photo studio for hire in Leeds, for professional photo shoots, and video productions.


    Our photography/video studio is probably the best studio you will ever visit! Honest…

    What kind of lights are there?

    We have flash heads located in the studio ceiling all using 650w bulbs…and this is great to use with video to light the white zone once you colour balance!

    We have tungsten lights and daylight heads also. We have everything you need to light your products or set.

    What's the studio like?

    Easy to answer that – its a great working environment to shoot in. Great for video and stills photography alike. Come n and close the door…that’s it!

    Do your work, get your clients to come down for a coffee, do the shoot, then go home. Easy peasy.

    How do I book the studio?

    Again that is easy to do.It is as easy as checking dates and booking onlinel!

    Click here and go there to check dates and book now.

    Decide on the date/dates you are after and call us. Once you pay your dates are secure and available only to you.

    • Quality work

    • Expert Team

    • Client’s Satisfaction

    • Our Guarantee

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