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oxyfire hire leeds studio

Hi Jay and the gang. Good to get you all back to the studio. What I like about Jay and his team is their wayof thinking…here’s what they say:

oXyFire lives in a “digital dojo”. Inspired by the Japanese school of Zen, it reflects our commitment to the pursuit of perfection in our craft and the simplicity of our working ethos. Equipped with the state of the art post-production facilities, voice over recording booth and a coffee maker. We are in many ways like the ninja – equipped to tackle anything which any of the well-versed production companies in Leeds is capable of.

Now that’s wicked guys (and girls), don’t we all want to live in a digital dojo? Have a look at their work – click here

PS. Look forward to seeing you again and remember, let me take some stills of your video shoot and I can get them on my site.


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