Mark Knopfler at Liverpool Echo Arena

Went to see the man, the only Mark Knopfler on Sunday last week 19th May. And bloody hell…OMG 1000x…he is and was amazing. Its not just that he was the man behind Dire Straits and they were the best band of that era by a mile, even though there were some wicked bands like, U2, The Police, Queen etc, when you go to a Mark Knopfler concert you get a lesson into why a band is great, A lesson in guitar playing by masters of their profession.

The new album Privateering is great but being honest and probably being totally unfair to Mr Knopfler, the Straits songs were what I went to listen to! So my apologies to Mr K but when he and the band played Romeo & Juliet, Sultans of Swing, the crowd went mental. You could feel the buzz, the levels went up 100%.

So all in all a great night out, and deffo see him again if I get the chance. I would love to photograph him in his sheer glory in one of the photography studios in Leeds.

PS. Another concert Max and I are going to this Saturday in Manchester is another hero from my youth days, Meatloaf. Another off my bucket list but how will he compare to the masters of swing I wonder?


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