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Elton John at the Leeds First Direct Arena

Apart from enrolling for one of the photography courses in Leeds and executing photoshoot in a photo studio in Leeds, here goes another one off my bucket list.

Claire my wife and I had the opportunity to go and watch another legend, the piano playing singer songwriter Elton John. Unbelievable….What is even more amazing, it was a present to my wife from me for our 24th wedding anniversary! OMG, silver wedding anniversary next year!!

MK was great and his music is amazing, but the fantastic thing about Elton was he was up there with MK.  I really did not expect him to be that great. His voice was really strong throughout, he never got ragged at any time during the 2.5 hours show. Yes, for 2.5 hours he sang his heart out.

The show started with The 2 Cellos. Two guys from Croatia, who played their cellos as if they were rock guitarists! Phenomenal start, and then the band members came on one by one, and then the legend entered the arena and went straight into the ‘Bitch is back’. The great thing about the show was the graphic images playing on the screen behind the set.

And is it the Leeds First Direct Arena sound that is so good, or was it just Elton John?  Apart from a minuscule amount of reverb near the end of the show, he sang and sounded brilliant.

As a guy who has grown up with Elton John music playing in the charts, and him being a great artist of course…he was not an artist I would have loved to see live, I really thought he was great at what he did, had a few songs I thought were okay, but not in Dire Straits mould!

WRONG…he is a top star and well worth seeing and I want to see him again!!





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