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Do you do weddings?

I was recently asked , “Do you do weddings?”

Well yes I can, and I do, but only a few a year. I like to think I am very good at what I do, and would hate to do so many weddings that I get sick of doing them! It’s just that a wedding can take so much out of you, both in time, and mentally. So do a few and thoroughly enjoy what I do hey! So here are some pictures from George & Anna’s wedding. My first Greek wedding, and they were great people and a pleasure to work with.

The best thing ever for me at one wedding was when the Father of the bride at Gary & Fiona’s wedding, took time out at the end of the day to thank me, and said, “thanks for a really great time”. because the photographer on the day can make the day…Fact.

Last year I actually did a family wedding for the first time. My little bro (6’2″ little brother), now an officer in the Royal Navy asked me to take his and Sarah’s wedding day pictures. Must be said, Adam and Sarah did not spend a lot of money, got married in the naval registry office, and had a little do at the’ Jolly Sailor’ in Portsmouth straight after the wedding…but the day was amazing because of the family that turned up, their friends, the sincerity that was on full show for the couple by all, and finally the weather!! We always need that?

What do you need for the perfect day? Well lots of things need to fall into place of course, but you need the people present to be happy and take part! The guests and family have to be a part of the photography. And finally everybody has to be prepared for the photography!! Plan, the shots and hope for decent weather, get happy people, and you have a recipe for success. And you have to be able to adapt to the environment that is there. For the wedding you see here, I was told the gardens were amazing, but I felt that all there was there was a stretch of grass and a brick wall. So although the best shots in the world, I think one thing that comes out of these pictures is the happiness that everybody felt! That feeling beats all else, so that’s it, all you need for a perfect day, is happiness.





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