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Canon EOS M camera on test

I went to the Flash Centre in Leeds last Wednesday to see what I could use to take pictures at the Elton John concert! I obviously could not go in there with my 5D!

Spoke to Russ and explained that I had a compact camera, a small Leica (love the red dot), but when I tried it an another concert the results were abysmal!!

(Photograph courtesy of Canon)

So with this in mind I wanted something small and compact, but with a decent size sensor to give me some decent images, just apt for photography and video production in Leeds. Russ pointed me in the direction of the Canon EOS M camera. Great size sensor, touch screen to take pictures, and to cap it all…it can actually use my L series of Canon lenses from my 5D mk111. A compact camera using my 70-200mm zoom lens!! Wicked.

He said take it and try it…now when else could you go and get that said to you. The Flash Centre is a place I really would fully acknowledge as the place to go and ‘buy’ your cameras from. Yes you could probably get them a bit cheaper online, but where could you go and take a camera to try hey! No place I can think of hey? Now fair enough they cannot do that for everybody, as I have used TFC for all my working life since 84, so have a good relationship with them, but you want to try stuff, or hire it before you buy, TFC is the place. Great place to buy because of the backup you get. Best there is to all you folk out there…get to the Flash Centre.

Used it at the concert, and yes I did not read the manual….but I always feel that if you can use a camera intuitively then once you actually find out all its capabilities it will be even better! And this camera is great and very easy to use, see my results from the concert.



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