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Cameras on test

About time I did some tests on my cameras. You should always know what is achievable and what works the best!

I use a couple of cameras for video work and another couple for stills. But all of them are capable of taking still images, as well as all shooting video! So I have taken a few moments to compare them as still cameras and show you the results.

The fours cameras I tested are:
Canon 5DSR camera
Canon 5D mk111 camera
Canon 70D DSLR camera
Lumix DMC-GH4 Camera

In truth the results were what I expected! By far the biggest sensor is the canon 5DSR so in real terms you were not going to get the other cameras to beat it….but I hasten to add! The canon 5D mk111 was exceptional!!

The clarity of that camera was amazing considering the digital chip is half the size of the canon 5DSR.

The thing is as soon as I saw the shot on my mac I could see how good the mk111 image was. But on the 5DSR you are able to change the picture settings with fine detail which I did for the above image. Yes, it was a better image but the mk111 very was impressive.

Then came the 70D and the GH4. These are actually my prime video cameras for Leeds photography. I love the 4K capability of the GH4, and the auto focusing is amazing! And the 70D’s auto focusing is really impressive also….love auto. Why not use it hey?

But these are still shots from the cameras. They in no way perform up to the other two camera levels, but considering these two cameras are half the price just about….then they don’t do bad!

One thing though. I first of all used my Tamron zoom lens that I always use on my 70D. Ummm, no good! I had to change it to my canon 70-200mm L lens – just to get the clarity I have here. I am afraid, although I love my Tamron zoom, it has to go!



lumix gh4

canon 70D

canon 5DSR

canon 5D mk3


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