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Bathroom shots in a bathroom!

Here are some shots that I did for one of the tile production companies in Leeds. Trick here was that they were not shot in the studio! They were actually shot in my bathroom…yup, my bathroom. I was supplied with a tiled panel, about 1.8m x 0.60m in size. The idea being was that if it was any bigger then the panel would require two men (or woman of course) to lift it. This way one person could lift the panel.


So you do a shot with the panel in one position, then move the panel along the wall. Eventually you will come to a corner so you flip the panel 90° to get the corner shape. Nearly forgot…you have to light the room set also! So when you look at the shots, the only real items are the pottery, mirror, and the tiles, but they were not as they appear…not bad I think. And then you join them all together and grout in photoshop –




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